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Chirashi-Don-Chris_ChangDonburi, Don, Donburi Mono / Bowl

Donburi is a deep bowl made ​​of thick porcelain or pottery.

When you serve steamed rice in a Donburi and top it with such side dish like tonkatsu(pork cutlet) or tempura, it becomes a Domburimono.

To begin with, aristocrats in old Japan basically used to serve the staple food rice with a main meal and side meals in separate dishes, and eat them separately each time with chopsticks.

But from around the late Edo period, some shops started to provide tempura or barbecued eel together with rice in a bowl, and appealed to impatient and careless common Edo people.

In these days, with a catchphrase of “Delicious, inexpensive and served fast, it’s the best lunch for busy film crews!” , a major beef bowl franchise came out with a bowl menu served with miso soup, salad and pickles, for only 500 yen (around 3 Euro.)

At the company management scene, we call a sloppy accounting which mingles salaries, office expenses, entertainment expenses and all other expenses together, a Dombli accounting, and we often find it among production companies. 

Photo By Chris Chang