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Bon Dance

Bon Dance !Bon Dance:
Obon, it is the day when deceased family and ancestors come back from the land of the dead.
Although there are local differences in time to celebrate, depending on either adapting new solar calendar in July or adapting old lunar calendar in August, the living Japanese also return to their hometown or native place(JIMOTO), just like the dead ones, to visit graves and to renew their friendship with whom they haven’t seen for a long time.
It is the summer festivity season in JIMOTO, and after all the highlight of the festival is “Bon Dance” .
In the old days, there used to be one called, “Kurayami Matsuri,” literally meaning,”festival in dark”, and it said to provide prime opportunity for men and women to meet each other.
Dressed up in Yukata, a cotton kimono robe for summer, it is a passionate summer night to meet old girlfriend or boyfriend again.